Unfollow everyone on formspring

I’ve been creating accounts on various social networking sites lately for a project we’re working on, and I somehow managed to bulk-follow over a thousand people on formspring.me with their “find friends” tool. Like seriously, I was following hundreds of Asian teenagers — no idea how that happened.

No worries though, I just fired up jash and jquerify (a no-conflict version, since formspring.me uses prototype, which jquery doesn’t always play nice with) to bulk unfollow all of them.

Once you get jquerify and jash up, just put this bad boy in jash, and you’re good to go:

$jq.each($jq(".unfollow"), function() {
	var str = this.id.split('-');
Unfollow all on Formspring - screenshot

Unfollow all on Formspring

Be prepared to wait!!

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